Created by Roy Marchbank, the Phat Bhoy Pick is his ergonomically designed signature plectrum. Its aim is to improve your alternate picking and help alleviate tension in the picking hand for playing advanced techniques.

Demanding, complicated passages of music can create playing fatigue, potentially causing mistakes to be made. The Phat Bhoy Pick aims to help eradicate that area of discomfort while simultaneously producing a consistently clear, clean sounding note.

30 years ago I invented the ‘Speed Bevel’ which would become the ergonomic feature behind the PhatBhoyPick. These extreme bevels on all sides help the pick slip off the string giving an all round effortless playing experience.

The Phat Bhoy Hydra (above pic) is custom made to the specifications of the player. I discuss available options with the client, from the type of material through to the pick gauge, overall size and the shape of the point.

The custom build comes at a premium but it is unique to how you play, whilst still retaining all the features of the Phat Bhoy design.


“Back in 1982 I noticed as I played I was holding my hand at an angle to the string. It was something I did naturally every time something complex was played, but while the hand position made complicated phrasing more comfortable, the note produced was not clear because the edge of the pick was making contact with the string, instead of the flat surface.

I noticed the upstroke pick volume was significantly less when my hand was held parallel to the string and began experimenting. Holding my hand at 45 degrees  I found produced an almost anti- gravity effect, creating balanced and controlled dynamics between a down stroke and upstroke. I continued with this, still dissatisfied, until a few years later I decided to file a bevel either side of a 2mm pick as an experiment. It was a revelation!

I could produce a clear tone with my hand held at an angle because the pick itself was now parallel to the string! This helped me to execute technical passages much more easily and more importantly it made things sound infinitely better while remaining comfortable. I started making a plethora of different pick designs glued together filed to a bevel. In 2017 I perfected the design and had access to begin 3D printing the first Marchbank Phat Bhoy Picks.

After a few trial runs with different materials, testing different colours and even printing them in other countries, I finally employed a Scottish company. I worked closely with them to produce the patented 3D template. Hot off the press each and every pick is hand finished and tested by me so that when it reaches you it is exactly as it should be for maximum Phat Bhoy effect.


The pick has 3 edges:

1. Flat parallel with bevel

2. 360 point with bevel

3. 45 degree bevel


It’s important to identify which way you hold your hand (Down or Up) as this affects the function of the 45 degree bevel and how I hand finish your pick for you. Use the form on this page to place your order.



From late 2019-2022 Roy has been developing another addition to the Phat Bhoy range – the Phat Bhoy ‘TriHead’ . Each TriHead is carefully handcrafted and can be made to size to suit your preference whilst still featuring the triad of sides that distinguishes all Phat Bhoy picks.

The PhatBhoyHydra & TriHead options are

1) Jazz 3 or normal Dunlop size between 2-10mm in width.
2) With or without grip.
3) It is important to know if you are a downangle/upangle player so I can mould the plec to your playing style preference.
4) Sharp pointed 360 tip or rounded.

The PhatBhoyHydra & TriHead is made from white Delrin. All picks come with Two 45 degree speed bevels and a 360 degree speed bevel tip.

The pick is £35 and that includes p+p

Payment is by Paypal to PhatBhoyPicks@gmail.com (Careful of the spelling)

As soon as payment is made I will start work on your pick. Once finished I will send you pictures. If you are happy, I will send your PhatBhoyPick the next day.


Once I have your details you will be asked to pay for your order via PayPal the cost of the pick is £30 (plus postage and packing – this is charged at a flat rate of £5 in Europe. Further afield we can advise if posting will cost more and how long it will take to reach you). Once payment has been received I will then be able to go ahead and hand finish your Marchbank Phat Bhoy Pick. Please note, if you order at the weekend, we cannot always process until the following Monday. We always get proof of postage and try to keep the costs down, using good quality yet biodegradable packaging. Your Phat Bhoy will arrive in its own storage pouch for your convenience.

As with similar low cost music related purchases such as a set of strings, this is not a “try before you buy” product, it’s a hand finished plectrum honed to your playing style. It is also not a “magical fix” for guitar technique either. There are however, two complimentary tuitional videos on You Tube, (see links below). It’s like any tool, its worth is in how well you use it, so how much work you put into your playing! However, its uniqueness is in a design that can give you the edge on speed, power & precision!

Any issues or questions always feel free to contact us directly via the Phat Bhoy email address. I hope you have found the Phat Bhoy Pick demonstration inspiring and once you have your Phat Bhoy I would be grateful if you would share any positive feedback you have on social media.


Roy Marchbank

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Marchbank Phat Bhoy Pick Demo

Marchbank Hybrid Sarod Pick Technique

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