Learning from pre made sources cannot provide the vital live interaction between student and teacher, especially when it comes to advanced technique where even the slightest adjustment can make a significant difference.

Lessons are relaxed and well paced, including time to ask questions and watch closely any techniques I demonstrate for you. At the end, providing you have booked your next lesson, you will be set useful practice for when we reconvene.

Within 48 hours you will be sent a short video summary of the lesson; often with notation and tab manuscript attached. Not only is this excellent value for money it also means you will not forget what you have learnt or need to practice.

After your initial consultation and prepayment of lesson(s), times can be arranged. Making sure your internet connection and mode of communication is working prior to lessons is essential.

I can teach any genre but find students at this level have specific techniques in mind that they would like to learn from me. If your interest is in learning my specific technique of Hybrid Sarod you may find it useful to purchase a Phat Bhoy Pick.


I ask students to be at an intermediate to advanced stage in their playing before contacting me about lessons. When I receive a serious request the student is invited to an online consultation. This is prepaid and non refundable.

A time is arranged to speak with me and I will ask you to play for me so I can watch your technique. I will be honest with you if I think it is important for you to progress a bit more before booking lessons with me. You will get maximum return out of my lessons if you are already at a good standard.

As I tailor lessons to suit your needs you should be able to give me an indication of what you would like to learn from me, at least initially. We can then discuss the options for progressing you to the achievements you are aiming for.

I can tutor and guide you throughout but what I cannot do is provide the dedication and time it takes to becoming an accomplished musician. Thankfully, most musicians who have the sense to invest in their playing, progress very well. With experienced and insightful tutelage they find or renew a deep commitment to their craft.

Key to any good relationship is respect and enjoyment; with this in mind it is important to be on time for lessons and to understand that the lesson duration is 1 hour. Making the most of that time is to your benefit so being prepared and focused on playing is best.

Lessons are by Skype, Facetime or Facebook Messenger with mutually convenient times pre-arranged. For peace of mind a short contract is completed before commencement of lesson one. Various block options are available to make lessons more affordable.